andy hattemer

I work at DigitalOcean as a User Acquisition Manager. In previous jobs I did SEO, revenue optimization, and other development projects for BNY Mellon, Country Financial, Enterprise, Avis and Budget car rental, Ford Europe, Morgans Hotel Group and Getty Images.

I live in New York City, NY. I love learning new languages, learning how things work, breaking things, and building things. When I go outside I am a big fan of anything with wheels: Skateboards, Bikes, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Trains, Planes (technically they have wheels) and maybe one day even Cars!

I publish the web projects I finish over at RUF.IO because I can't not use such an awesome domain! The most recent project is a multi-player crossword game.

Cover photo credit: Space Selfie on Flickr (licensed under Attribution 2.0 Generic)